Summary of Meteorological Data Collected During the Second Quarter 2012 at the Rosemont Monitoring Site

Document ID: jbr-meteorological-report-2nd-qtr-20120813

This report summarizes meteorological measurements collected at the Rosemont Copper Mine monitoring stations. The Rosemont Copper Mine is a new open pit copper mine proposed by Augusta Resource Corporation (Augusta). The proposed Rosemont Copper Mine will be located in the Santa Rita Mountains approximately 30 miles southeast of Tucson, Arizona in Pima County (Figure 1.1). The monitoring program, including data processing and instrument audits, calibrations and maintenance, is being conducted by JBR Environmental Consultants (JBR).

The purpose of the monitoring program is to provide the measurements necessary to establish existing meteorological conditions at the proposed site of the Rosemont Copper Mine in support of an air quality permit application for the facility. Meteorological monitoring began April 1, 2006. Measurements of pan evaporation were added June 16, 2008. This document summarizes the monitoring data for the second quarter of 2012 (April, May, and June).