Preliminary Summary of 2011 Rosemont Bat Roost Survey

Document ID: preliminary-summary-bat-roost-survey-2011

WestLand Resources, Inc. (WestLand) biologists made 10 field visits and inspected a total of 33 mines in 2011 to investigate the level of bat use within the Rosemont Mine project area and adjacent National Forest Service lands (Figures 1 through 4). We surveyed sites that were used by bats in previous years and evaluated additional mines not covered during prior surveys conducted by WestLand in 2008 through 2010. Evaluations included mine entry (internal surveys) where we searched for evidence of bats (i.e., live bats, bone material, insectivorous guano (fecal pellets), nectar bat splatter (fecal stain), insect debris, and staining on walls or ceilings) and/or conducted external roost evaluations (emergence surveys). Ultrasonic detectors were also used during external evaluations to further aid in species identification. In 2011, we also continued to monitor roost microclimate characteristics, specifically temperature and humidity, in mine complex R37 and R38 “Helena,” mine 38 (old Adit S), and complex R46 and R47.

WestLand Resources Inc. 2011j. Preliminary Summary of 2011 Rosemont Bat Roost Survey. Project No. 1049.23 B 300. Prepared for Rosemont Copper Company. Tucson, AZ: WestLand Resources Inc. October 28.