Revised Addendum To The Rosemont Mine State-Protected Plant And Noxious Weed Inventory On ASLD Lands East Of Sahuarita, Pima County, Arizona

Document ID: revised-addendum-plant-inventory-2012

This report is a revised addendum to the report “State-Protected Plant and Noxious Weed Inventory on ASLD Lands East of Sahuarita, Pima County, Arizona”, dated January 6, 2010, that WestLand Resources, Inc. (WestLand) produced for Rosemont Copper Company (Rosemont). This revision updates the acreage of the original addendum report from 39.5 acres to 42.4 acres, which required a revision to expected plant totals from the original addendum report.

WestLand Resources Inc. 2012d. Revised Addendum to the Rosemont Mine State Protected Plant and Noxious Weed Inventory on ASLD Lands of Sahuarita, Pima County, Arizona Report: Approximately 42.4 Acres Along Corto, Country Club, Santa Rita, and Dawson Roads, Pima County, Arizona. Project No. 1049.29 323 323. Prepared for Rosemont Copper Company. Tucson, AZ: WestLand Resources Inc. March 13.