Explanation of "cave materials" recorded on historic core hole logs and included in the Tetra Tech Plant Site Geotechnical Report

Document ID: srk-cave-material-20120807

Coronado National Forest personnel requested an explanation of the word "cave" recorded in two historic drill logs (Hole 1455 and A-746) included in Appendix B-2 of Tetra Tech's 2009 report, Plant Site Geotechnical Report, Rosemont Copper Project. The report summarized the findings from a geotechnical site investigation by Tetra Tech that primarily focused on the proposed Plant Site but also covered the tailings and waste rock storage areas. The Tetra Tech field program included surface mapping, ten NQ- diameter geotechnical drillholes, test pits, a seismic refraction survey, and various other field and laboratory tests. The support documents with the 2009 report included Tetra Tech diamond drill core logs from the 2006-2007 drilling program (Appendix B-1) and Anaconda diamond drill core logs from 1965-1972 (Appendix B-2)