Final Environmental Impact Statement & Draft Record of Decision

A Proposed Mining Operation, Coronado National Forest, Pima County, Arizona

All documents are PDF format. Hard copies of the Final Environmental Impact Statement and draft Record of Decision are available for review at all Coronado National Forest offices and selected public libraries - see  Locations page.

FEIS Errata

This errata sheet documents corrections to the text of the published FEIS. These corrections reflect minor errors and omissions discovered after the release of the FEIS, and as such this document should be reviewed along with the FEIS.
Download PDF (5.5 MB, 16 pages) Last updated February 18, 2014

Cover Letter

Download PDF (60 KB, 3 pages)

Draft Record of Decision

Download PDF (5.6 MB, 96 pages)

FEIS Volume 1 - Executive Summary, Chapters 1 & 2

Includes Executive Summary, Chapter 1. Purpose of and Need for Action, Chapter 2. Alternatives, Including the Proposed Action
Download PDF (10.8 MB, 212 pages)

FEIS Volume 2 - Chapter 3

Includes Chapter 3. Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences
Download PDF (39.2 MB, 544 pages)

FEIS Volume 3 - Chapter 3

Includes Chapter 3. Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences
Download PDF (28.9 MB, 530 pages)

FEIS Volume 4 - Chapters 4 & 5, Glossary, Literature Cited, Index

Includes Chapter 4. Consulted Parties, Chapter 5. List of Preparers, Glossary, Literature Cited, Index
Download PDF (2.9 MB, 316 pages)

FEIS Volume 5 - Appendices A-E

Includes USACE Section 404(b)(1) Alternatives Analysis, Mitigation and Monitoring Plan, Visual Simulations, Memorandum of Agreement, Tribal Consultation
Download PDF (44 MB, 332 pages)

Appendix C - Viewshed Analysis Figures - (1.8 MB, 5 pages)

Appendix C - Visual Simulations - (9.6 MB, 22 pages)

FEIS Volume 6 - Appendices F-G

Includes U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Opinion, Summary of Response to Comments on the DEIS
Download PDF (10.5 MB, 496 pages)

* Appendix G - Commenter Response Database - (222 MB, 318 files)

* The Appendix G Commenter Index pdf was updated on 12/12/13 due to a formatting error that affected 13 of the 25017 individual submissions listed (only those with a large amount of comments). Once the problem was identified, the Forest quickly responded and made all corrections. We apologize for any inconvenience.

FEIS GIS Files & List of Figures

GIS data files for figures in the FEIS and Draft ROD
Download ZIP (104.1 MB, 89 files)

GIS files are not provided for FEIS or Draft ROD figures that were provided only as images, pdf files, graphs, etc. Those figure numbers are listed in this document:
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