Objection Letters

All letters received from January 1 thru February 14, 2014, have been reviewed and the Reviewing Officer has determined the following objectors have met the requirements of 36 CFR 218.8.

Submitted by Document
Anderson, B.
Anderson, M.
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Arizona Trail Association
Babson, D.
Barthelson, R.
Beck, K.
Bradley, P.
Brown, G.
Brown, R.
Browning, S.
Bunting, A.
Bunting, W.
Calabro, R.
Casavant, R.
Cavanagh, A.
Christian, K.
Cienega Watershed Partnership
Clark, T.
Connolly, J.
Creed, D.
Danowitz, A.
Daugherty, D.
DeVries, D.
Downing, C.
Downing, D.
Empire Ranch Foundation
Farr, M.
Fisher, J.
Furnier, G.
Hanna, D.
Harris, R.
Hart, S.
Heitcamp, A.
Hey, S.
Hoffman, J.
Homer, P.
Huth, H.
Ingram, M.
Isaman, J.
Iventosch, A.
Jacobson, M.
Kanner, B.
Kestler, C.
Kloppinger, R.
Kuerzel, R.
Lannon, A.
Lewton, Q.
Lieberthal, D.
Love, M.
Lowery, K.
Maddox, R.
Magruder, M.
Maki, R.
Maki, W.
Manderscheid, B.
Martin, C.
McCormick, C.
McCoy, M.
McCoy, N.
Meyer, D.
Meyer, D.
Meyer, J.
Money, J.
Money, T.
Moore, T.
Morbeck, M.
Mountain Empire Action Alliance
Negri, P.
Niemi, D.
Parr, R.
Pasqua Yaqui
Paul, K.
Pepper, J.
Phaler, K.
Pickrell, D.
Pierson, D.
Pima Association of Taxpayers
Pima County
Pressnall, D.
Purdon, T.
Reichardt, S.
Rosemont Copper
Santa Cruz County
Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, et al.
Saway, S.
Sheldon-DiVito, M.
Shinsky, C.
Shinsky, G.
Stock, M.
Tohono O'odham
Tucson Audubon Society
Van Kempen, W.
Walden, R.
Wall, N.
Weinstein, D.
Whitehouse, B.
Whitehouse, S.
Williams, M.
Willmarth, K.
Wind, S.
Wright, S.