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Final Mine Plan of Operations

Volume I: Mine Plan of Operations (MPO)

Download PDF (67 MB, 165 pages)

Volume II: Monitoring and Mitigation Plans per Appendix B of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

a. Additional Operational Waste Rock and Tailings Characterization Plan Download PDF 223 KB
b. Agave Management Plan Download PDF 2.7 MB
c. Barrel Canyon Sediment Transport Monitoring Plan Download PDF 3.5 MB
d. Barrel / Davidson Wash Monitoring Plan Download PDF 5.2 MB
e. Beyond POC Water Monitoring Plan Download PDF 1.4 MB
f. Biological Monitoring Plan Download PDF 30.8 MB
g. Community Endowment Trust and Community Project Plan Download PDF 7.6 MB
h. Comprehensive Transportation Plan Download PDF 30.6 KB
i. Cultural Resources Management Plan Download PDF 616 KB
j. Delivery Schedule Plan Download PDF 81 KB
k. Fencing Specifications Download PDF 5.3 MB
l. Fire Safety and Response Plan Download PDF 173 KB
m. Groundwater Model Update Plan Download PDF 6.1 MB
n. Hazard Communications Program Download PDF 277 KB
o. Invasive Species Management Plan Download PDF 1.8 MB
p. Materials Management Plan Download PDF 8.3 MB
q. Outdoor Light Monitoring Plan Download PDF 8.8 MB
r. Pit Lake Geochemistry Model Update Plan Download PDF 145 KB
s. Pit Slope Stability Monitoring Plan Download PDF 931 KB
t. Production Blasting Plan Download PDF 75 KB
u. Public Access Restriction Plan Download PDF 3.2 MB
v. Revegetation and Growth Media Monitoring Plan Download PDF 19.8 MB
w. Site Water Management Plan Download PDF 93.6 MB
x. Sky Brightness Monitoring Oversight Committee Plan Download PDF 99 KB
y. Spring Flow Monitoring Plan Download PDF 2.1 MB
z. Transportation Reduction Plan Download PDF 121 KB
aa. Vegetation Clearing and Area Clearance Plan Download PDF 2.6 MB
bb. Vehicle Noise Reduction Plan Download PDF 1.4 MB
cc. Visual Resources Monitoring Plan Download PDF 6.7 MB
dd. Waste Rock Seepage Monitoring Plan Download PDF 2.4 MB
ee. Water Features Monitoring Plan Download PDF 10 MB
ff. Water Programs Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) Download PDF 17.9 MB

Volume III: Reclamation Plans

a. Reclamation and Closure Plan Download PDF 11.5 MB
b. Utility Corridor Reclamation Plan Download PDF 11.5 MB

Volume IV: Additional Operational Plans

Construction Execution Plan *not available  
a. Air Quality Compliance Plan Download PDF 309 KB
b. APP Groundwater Monitoring Plan Download PDF 2.3 MB
c. AZPDES Stormwater Monitoring Plan Download PDF 3.7 MB
d. Baseline Groundwater Monitoring Plan *not available  
e. Baseline Spring Monitoring Plan *not available  
f. Baseline Stormwater Monitoring Plan *not available  
g. Comprehensive Water Monitoring Plan *not available  
h. Dry Tailings Management Plan Download PDF 1 MB
i. Emergency Planning and Community Right To Know Act (EPCRA) Section 313 Reporting Plan (TRI Plan) Download PDF 1.6 MB
j. Emergency Response and Contingency Plan. October 2015. (Plan Provided For Example Only) Download PDF 13.8 MB
k. Environmental Presentation to Contractors Download PDF 7.9 MB
l. Long-Range Water Conservation Plan Download PDF 803 KB
m. Process Water Circuit Monitoring Plan Download PDF 9.6 MB
n. Production Well Monitoring Plan *not available  
o. Vegetation Monitoring Reference Area Report – Site Selection and Results for 2013, 2014 and 2015 Download PDF 52.3 MB
p. Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan. (Attachment To MPO Volume IV-j) Download PDF 3.4 MB
q. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP): As Required By ADEQ Permit No. AZMSG 2010-003 Download PDF 94.3 MB
r. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) – For Utility Corridor Construction Project: As Required By 2013 CGP AZCON-86646 Download PDF 17.3 MB
s. Surface Water Mitigation Plan - December 2014 Download PDF 38.1 MB
t. Tailings Management Plan *not available  
u. Visual Observation Plan Download PDF 19.4 MB
v. Waste Rock Handling Plan Download PDF 701 KB
w. Well Abandonment / Capping Plan Download PDF 13.7 MB

* File redacted / not available

Content Disclaimer

The information appearing on this Web site is for general informational purposes only. Every effort is made to provide accurate and useful information.
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